Antitrust caution

The EU subsidized NexTrust project is about horizontal and vertical collaboration in the supply chain and about how cooperation can contribute to increased sustainability in logistics. In itself the cartel prohibition does not prohibit all forms of cooperation. However, competition law risks do occur, in particular if actual or even potential competitors cooperate and exchange sensitive information. In view of awareness, we give this antitrust caution in advance.

The companies organizing this NexTrust seminar/meeting shall not enter into any discussion, perform any activities or adapt any conduct that may infringe, on their part or on the part of participants, any applicable competition law.

The participants are also requested to comply with competition law. Participants shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any sensitive information, including non-public information relating to for instance prices, margins, volumes, marketing and advertising, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions. This does not only apply to the seminar/meeting, but also to discussions before, during and after it.